Douglas J. Meyer

As a senior software engineer, I work with with a range of teams, including customer service, design, and QA, to create a product that suits customer needs. Additionally, I am always looking for ways to improve the development process and how best to integrate those changes.

Vibes2016 - Now

Senior Software Engineer

UrbanBound2014 - 2016

Senior Software Engineer

Collaborated with customer management, QA, and design teams to build upon the product for our range of users.

Centro2006 - 2014

When I started, it was a small development team of 5 people working on a product for use within the company. Since then, it has grown to a 50 person software team working on a variety of internal and external products. Growing alongside the company has allowed me to learn a variety if technical skills and development procedures.

Senior Software EngineerAugust 2012 - December 2014

I worked with different groups (design, QA, product) to develop a marketable product.

Software EngineerMay 2007 - August 2012

The company transitioned from creating software for our sales team, to creating software for external customers; and this allowed me to learn a new side of software development.

Software Engineer InternMay 2006 - May 2007

Right out of college, I leaned a lot about software development and how to work on a small team to develop software that was critical for the company to be able to grow.

Elect OnlineSeptember 2009-2011

Freelance Software Engineer

Maintained and development new features for voter management software.

Poster-DisplayNovember - December 2009

Freelance Software Engineer

Worked with print design team to develop website from PDF designs.


This is a zero-sum budget program I developed to get my wife and I out of rigid and fragile spreadsheets. I've used this project to evaluate different front-end frameworks (including the redux store within react). Out of this, in 2013, I spearheaded Centro's move to Angular.


An idea to help visualize the relative size of landmarks. Built on the firebase platform.


This project was used primarily to learn the gulp front-end build systems and node.js development.


Git Backup/Restore is a utility that arose out of me wanting to backup local changes to git projects without publishing them and without duplicating information already on a remote server. Building this was mostly about learning more about git and linux scripting.


This is a JS testing framework I wrote because, at the time, most JS testing frameworks required a lot of setup before you could start testing. Because of it's simplicity and versatility, it was used for JS testing at Centro.


Windy-city Rails - 2015

Ruby Remote Conf - 2014

An Event Apart - Web Design Conference - 2008

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology. - 2006