Douglas J. Meyer

I'm a senior software engineer with 10 years of professional web-development experience, and a desire to help those around me.


Ruby on Rails, agile development, git, React, SASS (CSS), AngularJS, CoffeeScript, jQuery, and Postgres

UrbanBound2014 - 2016

Senior Software EngineerDecember 2014 - March 2016

Collaborated with customer management, QA, and design teams to build upon the product for our range of users.


React, Ruby on Rails, CSS, and more

Centro2006 - 2014

When I started, it was a small development team of 5 people working on a product for use within the company. Since then, it has grown to a 50 person software team working on a variety of internal and external products. Growing alongside the company has allowed me to learn a variety if technical skills and development procedures.

Senior Software EngineerAugust 2012 - December 2014

Worked with different groups (design, QA, product) to develop a marketable product.


AngularJS, gulp.js, and jade

Software EngineerMay 2007 - August 2012

Transitioned with the company from creating software for our sales team, to creating software for external customers.


CoffeeScript, git, and SproutCore

Software Engineer InternMay 2006 - May 2007

Right out of college, I leaned a lot about software development and how to work on a small team to develop software that was critical for the company to be able to grow.

Elect OnlineSeptember 2009-2011

Freelance Software Engineer

Maintained and development new features for voter management software.


Ruby on Rails, MySql, Apache, and Linux

Poster-DisplayNovember - December 2009

Freelance Software Engineer

Worked with print design team to develop website from PDF designs.


PHP, CSS, and jQuery

Personal Projects

My passion for web-development has spilled-over into my personal interests as well. Oftentimes, if I have an idea, I see if it works by trying it out in a personal project.


This is a zero-sum budget program I developed to get my wife and I out of rigid and fragile spreadsheets. I've used this project to evaluate different front-end frameworks. Out of this, in 2013, I spearheaded Centro's move to Angular. Currently, I'm evaluating the redux store within react.


Ruby on Rails, Postgres, SASS, CoffeeScript, React, Redux, haml, and AngularJS


This project was used primarily to learn the gulp front-end build systems and node.js development.


node, npm, gulp, bower, livereload, and connect


Git Backup/Restore is a utility that arose out of me wanting to backup local changes to git projects without publishing them and without duplicating information already on a remote server. Building this was mostly about learning more about git and linux scripting.


git, and linux


This is a JS testing framework I wrote because, at the time, most JS testing frameworks required a lot of setup before you could start testing. Because of it's simplicity and versatility, it was used for JS testing at Centro.


node, npm, and JavaScript


An Event Apart - web design conferenceOct 2008

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology.2006